Wednesday, 29 July 2009


A brief introduction to our boat;
'Escapology' is a 58foot semi-trad narrowboat, custom built in 2008 by Jonathan Wilson and Tim Tyler and fitted out in oak by Anthony M (Tony Walker) in Sheffield.
She has now been in the water since 1st May 2008 and after her maiden cruise down from Sheffield she has been moored at Great Haywood Marina except when we are out enjoying the canals.
The boat is primarily designed as a comfortable two birth (the clue to the theory behind this is in the boat name) however she is capable of being easily converted to accommodate 4 with a quick dinette shuffle if required.

We hope to be able to keep the blog up to date with the latest cruises and activities to keep friends, family and fellow boaters entertained.


  1. Welcome to blogland from Epiphany. We hope you have many happy hours on Escapology.

    Did you mean a "comfortable two berth" or are you proposing to enlarge the family? ;-)


    John & Fiona

  2. John

    Many thanks for your comment. Very eagle eyed!
    (Now corrected).
    Your blog is amazingly detailed and must provide an awesome diary of your travels.

    Hope to spot you on the cut.