Sunday, 16 August 2009

Weekend Entertainment Courtesy of Victron Energy!


Arrived at the boat Friday evening to find the domestic batteries were flat despite a landine connection to the marina. Fridge and freezer both fully defrosted and any remaining 12volt power was weak. A great start to a relaxing weekend. Soon identified the cause as being a faulty connection on the battery thermostat that in turn was falsely registering high battery temperatures (when in fact they were stone cold) which was then preventing the inverter from charging the batteries. The kit is far too clever for it's own good.

Although the electrical equipment on board was soon operational, (just in time for Coronation Street) the process of fully recharging the batteries would take a little longer and re-synchronisation of the battery monitor and inverter would not be done until Saturday.


Up early to check on charging progress and to make a call to our boat fitter - Tony Walker (Anthony M). Who needs River Canal Rescue when you can rely on a boat fitter like Tony! He was more than happy to take our 'may-day' call and talk us through the re-synchronisation process over the phone. (Thanks Tony - who needs enemies when you have customers like us).

As we still needed to remain connected to the marina shoreline power to complete the battery charging process, a trip along the canal was off the agenda this weekend. As the freezer was now empty (all contents in the skip) I decided to use the time to begin the installation of a sliding runner system for the under dinette freezer. The first job in this installation was extending the wiring. This was soon completed following a quick trip to Midland Chandlery at Penkridge for the correct connectors and wire. All measurements were taken for the joinery alterations that I will be fabricating at home and fitting next weekend. By 8.00pm we were all charged up and set off for a short walk around Gt Haywood. We walked over to Shugbrough Hall via Essex Bridge (the longest packhorse bridge in Great Britain) and decided to see if we could circumnavigate the Shugrough Estate returning down the Staffs and Worcester Canal. This turned out to be an easily achievable acomplishment on a nice day in the Summer but not so easy at night in the Summer! The walk took us via woodland tracks, over railway bridges, past a reservoir and along narrow and busy country roads before we reached the Staffs & Worcester Canal; all without a torch and appropriate reflective clothing - very unprofessional! Finally we arrived back at Great Haywood at 10.15pm (having travelled 5.5miles), for a well deserved Boddingtons!

Essex Bridge - Great Haywood


A quiet morning doing a few DIY jobs around the boat before packing to head home.

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  1. Elaine and Paul,
    Please could forward my email details to Bernard and Diane on NB Arthur Crossland. They commented on NB Liberty Belle recently on which we did the repaint and signwriting. You can give them the website of where all details are on there. Thank you.
    You certainly seem to be enjoying your cruising which is just how it should be really.
    Thank you again, Martyn and Sally