Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barlaston to Aston Lock

No sooner had we set away from our moorings at the Wedgwood Factory it was time to stop in Barlaston Village as we wanted to buy some milk and post a letter. We moored temporarily at the Plume of Feathers Pub and resisted the temptation to look around 'big boyz toys' which sells all kinds on radio controlled toys that I usually enjoy perusing.
Set away again with the intention of mooring in Stone. Stone was very busy coupled with some really selfish mooring by narrowboat 'Ramsden' who was moored right in the centre of a double mooring. Although the crew were more than happy to peer at us out of their portholes as we measured our boat up against the gap at the rear of their boat, and then at the front, they were unwilling to move forward or aft to make space for another boat.
Typically we had no sooner moved off than the crew decided they would now follow us down the next lock!!!
We moved on to moor just above Aston Lock where I took the photo below of narrowboat 'Ramsden' to help warn others of a boat with bad attitude!!

'Narrowboat Ramsden' - a crew without etiquette!

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  1. I have tried to post this comment before
    We were the crew on board ramsden at this time and we are upset by the comments made. We were in stone about to leave the moorings in Stone when you came along. Up to a few minutes before a smaller boat had been moored in front of us and another one behind. We were inside putting on wet weather gear. If you had indicated you wished to stop we would have moved the boat with the greatest on pleasure. Your psoting is toataly out of order but of course we have no right of reply.