Friday, 14 September 2012

Weaver Trip - Day 2

Saturday 26th May 2012

We were up early as we needed to drive our car to Tattenhall (near Chester) and pick up a taxi back to Great Haywood so the car would be at the right marina at the end of our cruise.
At Tattenhall we arrived just after the office opened and quite quickly picked our summer mooring! The marina is still very much under occupied and everyone has at least one spare space next to them. It's a little sad that the marina is so sparsely occupied but it makes mooring up in strong wind all the easier without neighbouring boats!
Our Taxi (Aries Taxis from Tarporley) arrived promptly as usual (we last used their services in the Summer of 2011). Not only are they reliable but they drive Volvos; and sadly I'm a fan of the Swedish mark!
Don (the driver/owner) and I were in deep conversation sharing Volvo tales and generally discussing the merits of driving Volvos. Don thought I was conscious of where he was driving and I thought Don (being the driver) knew where he was going. It was Wolverhampton before we both realised this was not the route back to Great Haywood! However, the trip around the outskirts of Stafford to get us back on track was quite enjoyable. We were back at the Marina before lunch and still in good time to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix Qualifiers and have some lunch before pulling out of the marina at 2.15pm.
Had a very enjoyable cruise up through Stone until we encountered three youths at the top of the Meaford Flight at dusk. They were spending their evening dismantling the canal bridge parapet and throwing large chunks of brickwork into the canal. We challenged them and notably, and rather annoyingly, I failed to snare them (they were quicker on their bikes than I was on foot), the mobile signal was poor and it was getting dark!
By the time we finally arrived at Barlaston to moor for the evening it was twilight.

A queue at Weston Lock (can't grumble the weather was fantastic)!

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