Saturday 9 April 2011

What Fantastic Weather!

Elaine and I had intended travelling down to the boat last weekend but made some last minute rescheduling due to the weather and opted for this weekend instead. Good choice. Travelled down from the north east this morning stopping at Sheffield to collect some cushions we had left templates for the last time we passed. Although all the cushions we collected we wrong in one way or another the weather has more than made up for our disappointment. We again installed the new log chest that we took home to varnish at the end of our last visit and the cushions although not strictly as our specification were comfortable. I fitted some new brass replacement door stays to the rear doors as the door stays that were fitted had white plastic components that didn't meet Elaine's exacting standards so were bound to be replaced sooner or later. I also tried out the 'dremel' at polishing the fair-leads - I can confirm I still haven't found a proper use for the dremel - jury is still out on that bit of kit! Visited the Dog and Doublet at Sandon; it has now been bought and is now run by the owners of the Moat House at Acton Trussell (Lewis Partnership) so we were keen to try it out. Very good is our review. Look forward to visiting next time. Booking is essential! Back to the boat for dinner.