Saturday, 18 September 2010

August Bank Holiday Weekend

(Sorry this update is even later than usual - I misplaced my notes.)

Thursday 26th August 2010
Arrived at the boat in the evening in drizzle and wind. Loaded up; and after dinner battened down the hatches for an early night.

Friday 27th August 2010
After topping up the water tank and a quick trip to Argos at Stafford to purchase a replacement set of bathroom scales we set away up the Trent & Mersey towards Stone. We always anticipate that Bank Holiday weekends are going to be busy and after 1 full hour of cruising we had only travelled up through Hoo Mill Lock (about 1 mile away) as we encountered a queue of 4 boats at the lock. Not to worry we had no preconception as to how far we were intending to travel. Finally we couldn't resist an excellent mooring in Burston and stopped for a relaxing evening on the boat with dinner on the boat with a bottle of red.

Saturday 28th August 2010
Up and away in good time in order to 'wind' in Stone and moor up to watch the Grand Prix qualifiers. After lunch we visited the chandlers and purchased an updated Nicholson Guide (four counties) as the existing was getting a little out of date. On the way back to the boat we couldn't resist calling in the Star. A very old pub that was built prior to the canal and over the years has suffered massive subsidence. The bar floor level is now approx 18inches lower than the outside ground level and I almost fell into the pub as I opened the door. I know people fall out of pubs but falling into a pub is ridiculous. Stayed the evening moored in Stone. We anticipated Stone to be full of boats over the Bank Holiday but most people had stayed away and we had acres of space!

Sunday 29th August 2010
Very heavy rain prevented any cruising through the morning but after a short dash to the Sunday paper shop we spent the rest of the day chill-axing! (We did of course see the Grand Prix). In the late afternoon, in better conditions we cruised back to Burston where we had moored on the Friday night.

Monday 30th August 2010
Excellent weather, (as is always the case for Mondays - but this was a Bank Holiday Monday), provided for some very pleasant cruising back to the Marina. Only snag was; we then had to travel home in Bank Holiday traffic.
Overall we had enjoyed a very relaxing weekend.

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