Monday, 20 September 2010

Final Weeks Cruise of 2010 - Part 2

Sunday 19th September - Rugeley to Alrewas

Rain showers appeared to be the order of the day as it had rained on and off most of the night. In between showers we walked to Morrisons for a Sunday paper and came back with the usual accompliment of provisions; nothing we particularly needed but they took our fancy in the shop and sadly, it appears from the packaging they all have calories.
After breakfast that featured scrambled eggs (not just any scambled eggs; these are scrambled eggs made from eggs that were laid by my mothers chickens that she keeps in the garden at home - very nice they were too).
After a late departure we travelled down through Armitage and Handsacre arriving at Fradley Junction about 4.30pm just in time for a bus load of welsh choir-men to be offloaded to add a further 55 faces to the crowds of gongoozlers. The junction was very busy as everyone seemed to be going the same direction as us - meaning much juggling and queueing of boats was necessary outside the Swan (where the male voice choir congregated with pints in hand). Thankfully we didn't provide a spectacle and in fact I was complemented on my boat handling ability by another skipper! (I however have no witnesses to this as Elaine was at the lock at the time).
Finally arrived at Alrewas; mooring near the winding hole at around 6.00pm under a very dark threatening sky. We had clearly travelled during the best part of the day. Only problem is we are parked under an oak tree which means every now and again an acorn falls onto the boat roof to keep you on your toes!

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