Monday, 3 October 2011

Fradley to Alrewas

Tuesday 20th September 2011
Woke up to a very warm but sadly very wet morning!
Moved off our mooring down towards Alrewas at about 10.30am.
It's always a bad sign when cars are driving around with headlights on in the middle of the day! By 11.40 we were mooring up in Alrewas. Our cruising patterns had not changed; our cruising distance wasn't even enough to charge the batteries up; 6 lock/miles. We then read the remainder of the Sunday Times supplements before wandering along to the co-op for the essential fresh stuff.
On our travels I could help noticing the job advert outside the butchers for "a young man 16 to 17 years old!" which made me realise how Alrewas was refreshingly out of date and clearly unaffected by modern political correctness.

An honest and refreshing advert!

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