Monday, 3 October 2011

Whittington to Shugborough.

Friday 23rd September 2011

A clear sky this morning. Arrived at Fradley at around 11.30am where we topped up the water tank. We didn't really need water but I wanted an opportunity, as suggested on Wednesday, to stop and check on the selfish moorers who had now outstayed their welcome on the 48hr (maximum stay) visitor moorings.
As predicted while everyone else struggled to find space to moor for lunch, or even an overnight stop, the following boats had been here for in excess of 96hrs!!! They were showing no inclination of moving soon and are possibly still there now!

The Candy Boat!

Holly (SR & ME Lord) and the boat in front!

The Saltire (Ian & Sue)!


All the above boats had been moored for a minimum of 96hrs (made worse by the fact they were directly opposite the British Waterways Office!).

Just as it was getting dark we finally moored for the evening near Shugborough. A great days cruising!

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