Thursday, 24 May 2012

Another Wet Weekend

Saturday 3rd March to Monday 5th March 2012

Although we had planned for a long weekend on the boating having booked both Monday and Tuesday off work the weather was less than conducive for cruising.
Instead we travelled down late on the Saturday and as the weather was still poor on the Sunday we instead opted to use the car to do some shopping and visit some local hostelries.
At lunchtime Sunday, after a long morning peering through rain spattered portholes in the marina, we drove by car into Stafford to buy a necklace for Elaine. Not a cheap trip but I gained some valuable brownie points from Elaine on an otherwise miserable weekend.
The time 'cabined' up was not completely wasted as I carried out some of the improvements and recommendations that the boat surveyor had suggested. (eg. providing additional clips to the gas supply pipework under the cooker).
On Sunday evening we drove along to Sandon to have a meal at the Dog & Doublet. To be honest the pub service and food quality was disappointing on this visit but after many fantastic experiences we are putting this down to just a bad day! I'll make a point of commenting in the blog when we next visit.


After! With additional support and an additional bracket.


After! With pattress and fixings to the gas tap and some additional brackets!

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