Thursday, 24 May 2012

Robert and Suzanne's Weekend

Saturday 5th May 2012 to Monday 7th May 2012.

Robert and Suzanne joined us this weekend. We all travelled down to Great Haywood and then cruised down to Acton Trussell where they would stay in the Moat House for a couple of days.
This weekend was a weekend for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary by returning to the scene of the crime. We all ate in the bar and Rob and Suz enjoyed typical Moat House hospitality before we all, after breakfast, cruised up to Penkridge.
It was a pretty quiet cruise apart from a 10 minute spell! When we were passing fishermen, at the same time as we passed an incoming boat, all made more dramatic by my crew who were stoking the fire to create what was a black acrid cloud in the face of the oncoming crew making visibility and breathing impossible for both of the steerers! I could only apologise to all affected by my crews timing. At one point I actually thought they may have been burning carpets in the saloon!
At Penkridge we winded (a tricky operation; as a fibreglass cruiser had moored at the winding point and I needed to get quite close to crushing the damned thing in order to turn in the length now available).
On the return to Acton Trussell we discovered that Marks and Spencer's angel cake is dryer than expected and even the swans were choking on it!

A swan choking on the Angel Cake!

After another great meal at the Moat House (this time in the restaurant) we returned to the boat while Rob and Suz enjoyed the hotel facilities.
After breakfast on the Bank Holiday Monday we cruised back to Great Haywood to sadly pack ready for the trip home.

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