Saturday 29 December 2012

Selling Stuff on Ebay!

Having an account on Ebay for many years and receiving 100% positive feedback by being honest and always reasonable with buyers and sellers alike it has served me well. Particularly at the moment when I am in the process of selling anything I don't need before I move abroad.
Sadly a did recently come across an unscrupulous buyer who told lies and made no attempt to mediate when for reasons unknown to me he said something I sold wasn't working when in fact it was brand new and turned out to be working fine when he finally returned it for a full refund!
I thought I had better warn buyers of the retailer as they should not be trusted!!!
If you require details of this case I will be happy to furnish you with more details. The business spoils everything that is good about electronic selling and I intend to make it my business to spoil his party as well!

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