Thursday, 24 September 2009

Getting Escapology out of the water.

Monday 21st September
Up early and ready for lifting the boat out of the water. It was strangely satisfying watching people commuting on the packed passing trains on a Monday morning when we were on holiday. After a short cruise across the marina we were soon (approx 10.00am) being lifted out of the water by John (Bazzi) and John (Sharpe) using their tractor hauled narrowboat skid. This was the first opportunity we had to inspect the hull since the boat went into the water 18 months earlier. The existing comastic paint finish had stood up well against the threat of corrosion and the anodes were working well. Although this was early (as a scheduled inspection) it gave us much peace-of-mind and we thought it wise to check all was well before it was too late. The guys then set about pressure washing the hull and applying the first coat of comastic. The guys prefer to apply bitumen. It was soon clear that this wasn't just because it was cheaper; the stuff stinks and eats foam rollers for fun! My apologies to everyone on the marina who had to suffer the smell.

After lunch at the The Holly Bush at Salt (reached via road; not canal!) we returned to the marina to make use of the dry dock facility and repaint the tunnel bands and tiller as it will be several years before we get another opportunity.
We spent the night on the boat - a very strange experience on land!

Tuesday 22nd September

Up early again as I had jobs to do and didn't want to get in the guys way. Cleaned the weed hatch steelwork and the weed hatch cover (before the chaps arrived for work) and painted with two coats of comastic. Packed the car and set off for home; we are both at work Wednesday. We intend to return on Friday when the boat is being returned to the water.

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  1. Hi again,
    Wow, how amazing to see her out of the water. Hope all went well re-floating her!