Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekend at Weston

Friday 25th September
Arrived at the Marina fairly late after travelling in the usual Friday night traffic. John and John at Great Haywood Marine Services had not let us down - they had finished the blacking and returned the boat to the water and moored her back in our berth (even the electric was plugged in!) - Great job.

Saturday 26th September
Although we were up early; by the time we had eaten breakfast and fiddled about with our ropes and removed offending spiders from the fenders; it was after 10.00am before we were pulling out of the Marina heading North on the Trent and Mersey towards Weston. The weather was very good; buying the hood was still proving successful in warning off the rain clouds! A very enjoyable cruise up through Hoo Mill Lock and Weston Lock despite short queues at each, presumably as a result of the Shroppie closure. Moored at Weston in time to take a short walk round the village, visit the post office and return to the boat in time for the Grand Prix Qualifiers (Singapore). It is clear from this brief walk that 'the chaps' live in Weston; judging by the type and average size of house in the village. A very tidy and classy spot. We were joined at the mooring by nb. Silver Croner that had been moored in our marina for the last 4 weeks while they were breaking the journey back to Nantwich (their permanent base). At 4.00pm we decided to push on a bit further and winded above Sandon Lock before returning to Weston (North of the road bridge) just before sunset.

Sunday 27th September
After breakfast Elaine washed the starboard side of the boat while I polished the brasswork and chatted to a fisherman that had been fishing just off the bow of the boat since 6.00am. I think he had had more successful fishing trips; as a deep draughted coal boat, quickly followed by two fast hire boats disturbed his 'bated area' irreparably. This was only made worse by our soapy water! I thought it best to leave before he invested any more time attracting fish to his line just to be inevitably ruined again by our churning of the canal on our departure. We left on speaking terms - quite a result with a fisherman! Only a light breeze at the marina flattered my maneuvering backwards into our mooring! After lunch watching the Grand Prix we departed for home.

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