Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The last long cruise of the year! Part 2

Monday 14th September 2009

After a slow start we set away in cooler weather than we had experienced over the weekend. At Fazeley we spoke to the crew of Lilipad at length about the pros and cons of pumpout versus cassette toilet; whilst filling the fresh water tank of Escapology. We moored for lunch at Polesworth before tackling the Atherstone lock flight.

We passed narrowboat 'Nannierex' at Bradley Green Bridge (another Anthony M, No1 boat) and finally moored at 6.30pm just south of Mancetter Bridge.

It wasn't long before the customary local Tamworth tear-away passed on a mini-moto bike. (Don't know why we have only experienced the motorbike nut-case on the towpath near Tamworth!). I am sure a mooring line tied at hedge height would solve any future problems! Anyway, we had other priorities, as darkness fell it was inevitably time for the gas bottle to expire - requiring me to reach into the spider filled gas locker to turn the gas bottle changeover tap.

Tuesday 15th September 2009

Weather was again dry and mild but quite windy. Apart from meeting Ian & Linda (n.b 'JP1') who were travelling back to Great Haywood, the journey was quite uneventful. We travelled up the Ashby and moored at Bridge 37 before Market Bosworth. Elaine & I have never been any further up the Ashby Canal than the Bosworth Battlefield Moorings (the furthest extent of a journey in an Anglo Welsh hire boat in 2002). We are therefore cruising in new territory.

Wednesday 16th September 2009

Set away at 8.30am and travelled up through Snarestone Tunnel and on to the current terminus of the canal. It had always been the plan (as Elaine's itinerary) to wind at the terminus at midday today as this was exactly the middle of our holiday. We actually winded at 11.50am (timing with almost military precision). We stopped for lunch on the return at Shackerstone before finally pushing on to moor for the evening between Dadlington and Stoke Golding.

Just leaving the winding point at the current navigable extent of the Ashby Canal.

The south portal at Snarestone Tunnel

Inside Snarestone Tunnel - about to emerge from the south portal

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