Saturday 10 September 2011


Saturday 10th September

Travelled down to the boat last night after work, arriving just before sunset. The boat had been invaded by spiders! Thankfully all outside but non the less disgusting. Today we spent the full day cleaning the boat internally and externally. Not much fun but quite rewarding; knowing the boat is now clean for our week away next weekend.
About to sit down to a well deserved fillet steak and I have just noticed a very large spider has already built a web between out boat and 'Auntie Wainwrights' the boat next door!!
Removing that is my first job tomorrow!
Turned the boat around on her moorings today (to wash both sides) and am struggling with my orientation! Hopefully I won't step off the wrong side of the boat in the morning!

One side washed!

It had to rain - just after I had polished the brasswork!!!

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