Monday 19 September 2011

Shugborough to Handsacre

Sunday 18th September 2011

After breakfast we walked to both the shops in Gt Haywood to get Sunday papers and two pints of milk.
Elaine baked some rock buns while the usual Shakespeare Line 'bullet boats' passed in both directions attempting to wash moored boats out of the cut!
Finally slipped our mooring at around 11.00am and moved up to Rugeley for lunch and then finally mooring at Handsacre where we moored for the day just beyond the Crown pub.
During an excellent meal we were jolted by what turned out to be a rather incompetent boater who crashed into the back of the boat (using our boat as a buffer) as he moved into his mooring place!!!! It turned out to be narrowboat "Hull 25" crewed by "WB & MA Griffiths" although they didn't introduce themselves!
While reading the Sunday Times I discovered a new iPhone App called 'imail' which was recommended in the travel section as an app that enabled you to send postcards home without the need to find a postbox or a stamp! I've tried it out on my parents and Elaine's daughter (will update on our findings). It looks pretty promising and easy to use as you simply take a photo and add a message and imail print it out and post it for you. (Cost 98p per card).

Elaine's rock buns - delicious!

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